In the mood *

* Got nothing to do with Glenn Miller ;)

Life and Times of a Bonus Track (5MB mp3 full)

Poor artist went to a label, truckloads of money in mind
Rich artist left the building
Cause all the labels had been standing in line
And so they signed

Artist wrote rock’n roll history
Concentrated on an album so strong
But business claimed limited editions
Insisting on additional songs

That was the time when I had been born
When I first saw the light of day
And even if you got a different opinion
From my point of view – needless to say –
That I’m happy to be
Even if you don’t want me to be
The world wouldn’t go round without me

I’m a bonus track on my way to Japan
And I’m gonna be spread on the Internet
I’m a bonus track, to Brazil and back
Enjoying worldwide fame

They’ll screw the industry, pay no royalty
Burn me on CD, all illegally
Chinese bootlegs, Russian piracy
Cuthroat Germans they all copy me
And I don’t give a shit, to me it’s all the same
As long as I get all the fame
And the girls know my name

I don’t give a fucking shit, no, I don’t give a shit
Don’t give a fucking shit, no, no…
Not a single little fucking shit
Oh this is it… This is it! It!
I’m a bonus traaaaaaaaaaaaack…

(c) Edguy – King of Fools (2004 single)

Raw Ride (1.3MB mp3 partial)

Shooting through the dark
Taking bend after bend
Pistons are pumping hard
I’m gonna ride to the end

Twilight’s coming slow
Like a jackal on attack
But I know I have to go
To go on and show my back

Riding hard, riding fast
Full speed ahead, hear my engine’s blast
Spinning wheels roll down the road
I’m a bundle of power, see my rims glow

Raw ride
On burning wheels tonight

I have to break free, to live on my own way tonight
I don’t give a goddamn, what you want to force upon me
Fuck you!!!

(c) Running Wild – Under Jolly Roger (1987 album)