Кого обслужва блога – отговарям на Longanlon

Тескта стана дълъг, и си заслужава отделна нова тема. Пък и там беше на английски. За and и запетаята – всъщност съм на мнение, че на английски на повечето места не се слага запетая, общо взето карам по усет – може и да греша, ама това няма голямо значение – нали текста е без фрапиращи грешки … Whatever ;)

Водата е мокра – айде бе :) В някои агрегатни състояния … Погледнах отгоре-отгоре дискусията за която споменаваш – при теб и при Michel. Дори и в този случай ти пишеш за твоите, лични виждания и аргументираш поведението си. Доколко успешно е друга дълга тема ;). Но пак фокуса е върху личността на автора. Така, сега по същество. Има още

Answer to „Who Does Your Blog Serve?“

The simple answer – my personal blog serves me. My point of view. Details – below.

(edited) ***V*** in the comment on August 31st, 2007 6:26 am on Darren’s blog summarised it. But I will elaborate a bit and give a simple example.

It is MY decision if my writings benefit greater audience, or just some minor specialised group. That is why my blog is my own personal virtual home. If my visitors do not like something inside my living room or my music choice or my colours or religion or style or …, I will politely show them the door. I could hear their different opinion, but most likely I will not react.

If I wanted to make it a commercial hotel, I would rather start another blog-two, with all SEO and adds and relevant content aimed towards readers. I will hire charming receptionist and design rooms for the sake of visitors, and firmly stick to polite and quick and cheap services. Will promote in every possible way. Will never argue with customers and will constantly ask for their opinion. There are a lot of such blogs. Fine, I agree – freedom of thought, expression, and monetarising, decent business – let them be – no harm done, but not true blogging.
Do not care (much) how many feed I have. I do not have any commercials, ads, banners, whatever. If there are a lot of posts without comments – so what. I do not think about balance and probably never will. Too arrogant – probably, who cares …

The point is not at the blog, the focus should be at the BLOGGER as a person. If that person grows intellectually, morally, is social enough and his knowledge and ways of expression are favoured and useful and is never satisfied with current achievements and seeks ways to improve himself AND shares experience freely … If the blogger is sincere and express himself in a way he feels it is right, all of these inner changes will reflect in his writings. Then can you guess using simple straightforward logic how will his readers-visitors react? What will be his popularity in long term?

Writing for the audience is OK, giving them what they think they want – but in the long term the author will probably realise, that it is not really him, who is writing. He will doubt to post something that his viewers will maybe dislike. And this will be just the beginning. Do not sound good to me.

I am strongly convinced a blog should be personal. Period.

BTW, not bad video, interesting issues are raised. Best regards. Next time express your thoughts in writing.

P.S. Sorry for my not so fluent English.

P.S.2. – Velqn – I dislike video blogging.