3-D secure (Verified by Visa) sucks

Once in a while I shop online – mostly games, software and services – when there are huge promotions and discounts. In the last year and a half I’ve purchased digital items from several sites and portals. None of them supports 3-D secure (Verified by Visa):


In theory this XML-based protocol is supposed to improve security of online transaction. But practice has proven that it’s counterproductive garbage.

In my personal opinion, implementing it hurts both companies and consumers, and only benefits the banks themselves. It causes issues, which impacts sales. While fraud is more difficult with 3DSecure in place, all liability in case of fraud rests upon me as the consumer. To my knowledge banks get the best out of the deal, but sell this as a security feature. It does provide security, but not sharing my card details and login information does (objectively) the same thing. And if someone steals my card information, they can just use the card on a non-3DS service to steal and launder my money.

Basically 3DS is not secure. It has some issues (Wikipedia). It’s useless and hurts both customers and sellers/traders.

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