Amazon’s Kindle for PC fail

Recently I decided to download and use Kindle for PC. Started fine except that the installer did not ask me where to install the application. I think there is no need to explain why choosing the installation directory / drive is normal and expected for PC users. I mean – come on, we are not in the middle ages, and the PC is not a smart-phone/book-reader/whatever modern device.

Started a chat with the support. The first „helper“ Soundar(CSA) said that when installing for first time Kindle for PC will ask me for drive/directory. Which only showed how incompetent he is – the installer did not ask anything at all.

Then I was transferred to another Kindle specialist. Waited. Was told that I will be transferred again to another specialist.

Waited some more. Transferred again.

And again.

And again.

Finally someone named Bala(CSA) was brave enough to say directly, quoted „I’m sorry, you won’t be able to select a drive to install the application to your computer.“

That is that. I ended up uninstalling the crappy Kindle for PC, did not bother to register and link it with my Amazon account, did not even start it once. Will buy e-books form other places and will use other reader software.

One thought on “Amazon’s Kindle for PC fail

  1. За MAC положението е доста по-добро със изключение на постоянното циклене на диска. Имам около 10000 книги във облака и съм смъкнал 20. Обаче диска постоянно ми стърже поради неизвестна причина.

    Отделно приложението се обновява без уведомление и се рестартира. Ми можеше да ми каже „Имам обновление. Сега ли искаш да го приложа или после?“ и аз да си преценя.

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