Hard disk instruments - diagnostics, formatting, work at low level; other useful related programs. Bulgarian version

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Last update - end of November 2007. Renewed links, some local copies removed and corrected. ExcelStor added.

I do not follow so closely hard disk manufacturers activity, but Quantum -> Maxtor -> Seagate. Old Quantum and Maxtor diagnose tools are left on my local copies just in case.

Local copies are archives. Some have TXT, DOC, RTF or HTML files with useful information.

Here you'll find software, based on the On-track works. Some time ago they've decided to go lot more commercial, so the originals are either not listed, or the various versions you may find are quite out of date.

Now the major hard disk manufacturers rebuild (bought) parts of the software, thus giving us the opportunity to examine and manage a variety of pre-installation tasks, like zero-fill, working on the MBR (master-boot-record), low-level formatting, etc. Logically, they've restricted the use of programs exclusively with their own hard disks. Still some of them (I think it was Maxtor, not quite sure, check it out), may use the diagnostic tools with other disks, but at least one of the present MUST be Maxtor.

Remember, although the software is free-of-charge, it is proprietary. When stumbling upon difficult (irresolvable) problems, ask your local dealer or hardware/software support specialist, or the vendor himself, or even a skilled friend. There's no free or open-source program here. Just useful files and links.

So, to conclude, I've spent some time browsing and updating - to collect the utilities and links in one convenient place. Please, do visit the original sites/portals for finding the most resent version. Sometimes I do probe for a new one, but that happens rarely. All of the hardware vendor's links are directly to the download/tools/support pages.

Hard disks by manufacturer/vendor/product:

Fujitsu - official site

IBM-Hitachi - official site

Maxtor - local - 2.199 KB RAR

Quantum - local - 1.242 KB RAR

Samsung - official site

Seagate - official site

Western Digital - official site

ExcelStor - official site

Good-bye and thanks for all the fish; before you leave, look at the related instruments:

Hard disk tolls and utilities:

Mhhd26 - somesite - quick and detailed low-level diagnostics

Norton Ghost - local - miror copy physical/logical partition - 1.435 KB RAR

Activesmart241 - local - S.M.A.R.T. moitoring and failure prediction 963 KB RAR

Daemon tools - official site - CD/DVD software emulation

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